In the late of 2020, we aim for 2021

Today, we just received the brand new company logos, made from white, matte acrylic with black letters.

We took down the old sign out of the wall and install the new one.

It is easy to tell that the styles are quite different.

30 years ago, a black background + gold letters could be a trend; but if we still use it, it seems that the design is out of date.

Nowadays, we believe that logo also can tell a good story, helping our audience to understand us more.

The new logo is printed on a square white box, no other color, but the straight line and sans-serif font.

We hope it looks modern and chic. We care about our brand and yours.

"A VIVID BRAND IMAGE" is what we do in the past, now, and in the future

In the late 2020 & 2021, we define ourselves as the "FFE+O" service & products supplier, providing a wide range of "Furniture, Fixture, Equipment, and Object" for unique spaces.








TEL 886.2.2311.8601 / FAX 886.2.2361.1346



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