GRACE, the rattan looking dining arm chair / PCH-7028

Product Feature - Grace / Leisure Chair

Dimensions : W60 x D60 x S.H. 45 / H81cm 
Weight: 4.2 Kg
Material: Eco-friendly recyclable Polypropylene (P.P.)
Color : Pure Black / Grey / Tan / White
Model: 7028

The mild sunlight animates the land. Its warmth nurtures the woods and fields. Sprouting from a seed, it undergoes the stages of sprouting, flourishing, blooming and bearing fruits. Finally, they are harvested like rice in the field, transforming into the grace of life.
Grace is the profusion and abundance given by heaven. The interlaced grids of the Grace Leisure Chair are like ears of rice. The rich and full ears are adhered to the straws, symbolizing the amazing grace given by nature.

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GRACE, the rattan looking dining arm chair / PCH-7028

SKU: PCH-7028

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