IVY - Back Panel Bracket

IVY Collection is our latest modular fixture system for retail display, aiming to provide the most flexibility to fulfill your expectations and creative concept in your stores.

It is always a topic about what is the best strategy to transfer an empty space into a high-efficient merchandise display for owners and interior designers. There are many kinds of store fixtures & furniture, and you can use them to create the one and only atmosphere with display rack, display stand & stage, a cabinet, shelf, and various add-on accessories. We are aiming to coordinate these components, with a modular standard, provide a sensible display solution.

Come out of the concept of wall-climbing plant – IVY, we hope to create a new modular display system with great vitality. It is being developed according to your needs. Sometimes, IVY can be attached to the wall to present your products at the vertical surface; sometimes, it can be a free stand display rack.

There is no limit, release your imagination.

Made in Taiwan, we are your best display supply with a budget price and good quality, of course, we insist on good looking and function. No matter a small volume or a huge amount of display hook needs, our solid team are always at your service, get in touch with us now.


IVY is a collection of various displaying items, includes some of the very basic components in retail display, for example, 25x40 double-slit upright post, wall-mounted fixture, shelf bracket, hanging bar, back panel, base… etc. It creates a 3D space frame structure for merchandise displays.

Made from steel, IVY is a very solid design, with a united standard, just like LEGO blocks. You can always easily to assembly them together with needed function.


  • Upright Slit Post
    A metal pipe with punched holes, the main structure to provide different functions.
  • Wall-Mounted Fixture
    An extending fixture with designated depth, to hold the upright slit post.
  • Bracket
    A piece of metal product with back teeth to be attached to upright slit post. It could hold a glass shelf, wooden shelf, and pegpanel or Slatwall.
  • Hanging Bar
    A horizontal bar made from a square, rectangular, round, or oval pipe, which can hang cloth hangers and display hooks.
  • Shelf & Back Panel
    IVY can be accompanied with a glass shelf, wooden shelf, metal shelf. You also can add back panels in a various ways – pegboard, Slatwall, gridwall…etc.



IVY is a collection and an integration of a wide range of retail display fixture with upgrade features compared to existing products:

  • Space-saving packing, lower cost of transportation
  • Full selection of colors and surface
  • Meet the needs for interior styles and brand images
  • Flexible of layout and function adjustment
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Beautiful production detail
  • No obstacle to upgrading, united standard

IVY Collection is designed for a wide range of merchandises:

  • Cloth, socks, gloves, eyewear, and hat
  • Handbag, purchase, and backpack
  • Food, cracker, and snack
  • Toys and video game
  • Tools and home decoration
  • Mobile, accessories


IVY is a designed modular store fixture, mostly used in retail shops and stores, but now, someone will use them in home and storage for their high-efficient function.

  • Electronics store
  • Apparel brand store
  • Jewelry, watch, and accessories store
  • Grocery store
  • Tool and homeware store
  • Sports good store
  • Outdoor equipment store
  • Garage, and home storage

Contact us on our official website, our Alibaba website or email us: shopdisplayf@bigfame.co to discuss your needs or place the order. Our team will be happy to help you with all the support to solve any question for shop display, store fixture, furniture for commercial space. 


IVY - Back Panel Bracket

    • Material : Metal - t3.0 steel plate
    • Pitch : 25 mm
    • Size : D3 cm
    • Surface : Chrome / Powder Coating / Custom by Request

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