JOYOUS, the stool / PCH-7057A

Product Feature - Joyous / Stool

Size: W43 x D41 x H58 cm
Material: Eco-friendly Recyclable Polypropylene (P.P.)
White / Yellow / Red / Green
Model: 7057A

The design spirit of the Joyous chair is to shorten the distance between people in this urban life. Making the most suitable size for the chair, the room space can be maximized. People sitting side by side, from the feeling of strangeness to chatting merrily, with YOU and US, there is JOYous!

A small chair that can be used in outdoor spaces with P.P. eco-friendly plastic and UV-resistant reinforcement. The four colors are available in a variety of styles, which can be matched according to space requirements and interior decoration styles. The design of the storage can be stacked, and the effect of the home is greatly improved!

Q: The places to use "Joyous / Stool"
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JOYOUS, the stool / PCH-7057A

SKU: PCH-7057A
  • Size: W43 x D41 x H58 cm
    Material: Eco-friendly Recyclable Polypropylene (P.P.)
    Color: White / Yellow / Red / Green

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