Boutique Eyewear Retail Store

En-Yao Eyewear store just enters the market and carries high end German brand – Rodenstock. With in-house opticians to conduct eye exams and the 3D personal eye scanning machine, En-Yao Eyewear store is more professional than its competitors. ​ Eyewear is a very personal thing and it is very important to attract customers step in and explore. Utilizing natural wood and white steel, the ambience is very different from traditional. To create a relaxing atmosphere with light industrial/urban aesthetic and avoid the cold and far distance feeling of luxury brands. With modular wall system, this boutique eyewear store was able to save money and time on installation and decoration. It took less than three weeks to complete the store. All shelves are custom to the size of glassware. Steel parts were applied to strengthen the structure and ensure the durability. You can choose whatever wood you like to make the pegboard which provides the flexibility of display. We use high resolution LED lights to warm up the space. From outside, it is clear to get a close feeling and inspire people explore the service and products. The owner’s biggest hope is to help people find the most comfortable eyewear and give them a clear vision.