Elegant Hotel Amenity and Accessories

As a professional store fixture and furniture design & make company, we always receive the inquiry to provide more items for space decoration and to give more functions to enhance a unique space. This is a project, in which we design a complete set of hotel room service equipment with walnut solid wood, like a dustbin, a trash can, a towel throw container, an amenity organizing box, a tissue box, a tissue holder. Knowing that this hotel customer is a 5-star brand, we start to develop stylish products with high-quality imported walnut wood. For solid wood products, the most important thing is to keep their original surface texture, so that the users can see the beauty of wood grain, smell it, and touch it to feel it. To meet their needs, just to use solid wood is costly, so we have to use another technique -  the plywood for some of the selection, like dustbin and tissue box. And then we apply very thin walnut veneer on the surface of the plywood. As a result, it looks also very beautiful the same as the whole product made from solid walnut wood.  We are happy to develop new products with our customers because they always have a sense about the preference from guests and buyers. No matter what kinds of needs, it always drives us to pursue high standard in product design and make.