Eyewear Display Hook on Slatwall for Optical Brand

Eyewear Retail Display For over 30 years, we've provided many display racks for different brands. There are cloth display, shoes display, jeans display, helmet display, houseware display... etc. And there is one kind of display products keeping with increasing needs - the wall display for eyewear retail shops. Usually, these kinds of displays are made for pegboard & Slatwall, a wall mounted backboard system, which provides a very flexible function for shop owners to change the display layout anytime with a wide range of accessories. This time, we have the eyewear hanging hooks for high-end eyeglasses frame display in international brands. Ths display hook is made from high quality steel wire with chrome-plated surface, easy to maintain and with the extraordinary performance to resist scratches in daily use. The display hooks are installed in a wooden cabinet, the top is the lightbox provide the best visual effect to emphasize the quality and shape of the eyeglasses frame.