Second Hand Apple Store

Retail Used 3C Store Design Taking this interesting project to be one of our be-proud works in our history, this client asked us to develop a series of display case for used MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, iMac, and some other expensive electronic items, for example, DSLR, Play Station... etc. They have a store in Taipei and want to copy the success experience to Taichung City, in the basement of a building in the middle urban. As a young shop owner, they really like LOFT or industry styles, which really can express the characteristics. Especially when it comes to smartphone, laptop, notebook, video game, camera. This time, we pick black as the main color, accompanied with gray in partial places. And most of our wood works are made from plywood, which is with a black-white-black edge looking. Also another interesting visual point in the space. To provide more storage space, there are 3 big-scale metal heavy racks. And most of our glass display case cabinets can load many products. We select high-quality drawer slider to provide a very easy to use display tray inside the display case. And the glass case is also a working plane for product testing and review. Behind the row of the wall-mounted display cabinet, we designed it as chalkboard style to create the funny and obvious visual theme on the wall. All these cabinets and wall displays can be rearranged in the different layout, they can change their position to meet different scenarios. Most important of all, the design can be copied to use in another spot. Generally speaking, the module can be duplicated as many as they want to extend the eye-catching style.