The ECSTASY - Hotel Furniture Design

Product: “Esctasy” Hotel Furniture Series Material: Round Pipe, Expanded Meah, Mirror, Wooden Board Surface: Gold Sand-blast Powder Coating, Wood Veneer Feature:  Concept Swift Not like the old method, our strategy is to install furniture objects in the guestroom instead of to customize the cabinet made from wood. When the basic interior construction (floor, wall, and ceiling) is finished, we just install the independent furniture in the right places, of course, they are easy to be adjusted and maintained.  Function-oriented design Hotel furniture is quite different from the common home and office furniture. There are so many needs to be fulfilled during the traveler’s journey. A cloth hanger bar, luggage stand, bedroom spare, mini bar, fridge, safe box, dressing mirror, slipper, laundry bag, shoehorn, power supply… etc.  Value Engineering To customize normal hotel room furniture, it is usually made from wood material for over 80%. We select metal pipe and expanded mesh to construct the bone as the frames of these furniture. Covered by highly-resistant powder coating, hoping to meet our goal – a boutique object for a boutique hotel. Our wooden elements are made from high-quality wood the particle board, attached with wood veneer. We know that the cost really matters for hotel owner and take the strategy to upgrade the value. We also add the marble slab to emphasize the design, hoping to bring some “luxury” taste!  Design Characteristics All of them are independent furniture objects, you will find all of them are featured with round pipe with round shape. The soft and smooth appearance create an outstanding visual effect differ from the normal wood working. The semi-glossy sand-blast powder coating is the other method we choose to express the design philosophy – the touching texture. Furthermore, we use the seeing-through expanded mesh to express the unique visual effect.